The Best Holiday Packages on the Perry Road

From enjoyable to eventful: The best holiday offers on the Moststrasse.

The Moststraße wends its way leisurely through the hilly landscape. Visitors who explore the area, whether on foot or by bike, are captivated by the beauty of the countryside, with its rows of venerable pear trees, pretty little villages and magnificent four-sided farmsteads.

There are many enjoyable stopping-off points on and around the Moststraße: cosy inns and rustic taverns invite you to pause for a glass or two, while the local hotels offer a comfortable bed for the night. Many of the farms also have their own shops where you can buy local specialities direct from the producer.

There is so much to discover on the Moststrasse!
Mostviertel Tourismus is happy to support you with finding an enjoyable trip.

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