Excursion Destinations

Find here the most popular excursions along the Perry Road.

MostBirnHaus at Ardagger Stift

The exciting discovery center at the MostBirnHaus (Perry Pear House) near Ardagger Abbey opened in 2007. This hands-on multimedia exhibition tells visitors everything there is to know about Mostviertel pears, perry and the culinary delights of the Moststrasse (Perry Road) tourist route. Great fun for young and old alike!
T +43 7479 6400

Mostviertel Museum of Rural Life

The lovingly designed Mostviertel Museum of Rural Life in Gigerreith near Amstetten is Austria's largest private collection of folk art and traditional rural artifacts. 17,000 exhibits and proprietor Toni Distelberger Senior tell the story of life on farms in the Mostviertel.
T +43 7479 73341

Mostelleria – Farthofer Distillery / Öhling

This distillery produces the world’s best vodka. It won the gold medal in London in 2012 in the International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC). On your visit to the Farthofer family you can also become acquainted with homemade spirits, liqueurs, perries, fruit juices, chocolates, vinegar and the mysteries of Mostello production. Or you can stroll through the 10 hectares of perry pear orchards a mere 200 meters away.
T +43 7475 53674-110

Seitenstetten Abbey

Seitenstetten Abbey, a baroque gem in a magnificent setting, is often called "God's four-sider" in reference to the typical layout of the local Mostviertel farmsteads. In 1620 Austria's first ever potatoes were cultivated here. There are regular guided tours of the abbey, and the historic courtyard garden is a lovely spot for a stroll or to sit and relax for a while.

Schloss St. Peter in der Au

Parts of this renovated Renaissance water castle date back to the 12th century. It is enchanting with its arcades from 1621 in the inner courtyard and in the upper story. The castle park with ponds is an inviting place to take a stroll. Guests can also look forward to a playground, the castle restaurant with vaulted ceilings, festival hall and historic staterooms from the 16th century, ongoing contemporary art exhibitions and the special events center.
T +43 7477 4211124

Ostarrichi Kulturhof in Neuhofen/Ybbs

The main attraction at the Ostarrichi Kulturhof in Neuhofen/Ybbs is a copy of the document dating from 996 in which Austria is mentioned for the first time as “Ostarrichi”. Special exhibitions featuring the EU member states are held every year from May to October.
T +43 7475 52700–40
E office@ostarrichi-kulturhof.at

Tierpark Stadt Haag

In the 33 hectare park at Salaberg Castle, you can view over 80 domestic and exotic species of animals (about 800 animals in all). Attractions include the Big Cat Trail, the large adventure playground, and a playground in the renovated entrance area. Pony rides are offered on the weekend and on holidays. Visitors can also enjoy the Birdsong Trail and fishing.
T +43 7434 454081