Bicycling along the Perry Road

Explore the landscape of the Perry Road by bicycle.

You need to be in relatively good shape if you want to explore the Perry Road in the Mostviertel in Lower Austria by bicycle. After all, it is a hilly region.

E-bikes are now available for rental in some towns and make the uphill climbs easier. Bike trips are very much worthwhile in any case given the scenic landscape, cultural sights and many nice places to stop in for a rest or a good meal.

Prima Pira Tour

(Prima Pira Tour)
Route: Haag - Wallsee - Aschbach/Markt - Seitenstetten - Haag
Length: 55 km

On this route, you see a part of the Mostviertel with special views of the Danube and the foothills of the Eastern Alps. The tour showcases “Prima Pira”, the first and best pear from which the finest pear spirits are made. Many businesses along this route invite passers-by to stop in to taste Prima Pira spirits.

Other places worth viewing and visiting are Seitenstetten Abbey, Wallsee-Sindelburg with its picturesque historical center or Haag with the open-air museum and animal park.

Perry Baron Bicycle Tour

Route: Ardagger - Euratsfeld - Mauer-Öhling - Ardagger
Length: 67 km

The Perry Baron Bicycle Route is divided into two sections: in the north, a section around the MostBirnHaus in Ardagger Abbey; in the south, a section that goes between Euratsfeld and Neuhofen. This tour is a sublime experience affording far-distant views all the way to the Mühlviertel, Mount Ötscher and other peaks in the Eastern Alps.

On this route, Ardagger Abbey does much to cultivate the local perry traditions with its entertaining MostBirnHaus (Perry Pear House) as do the perry villages of Stephanshart, Zeillern, Euratsfeld and Neuhofen with the Ostarrichi Kulturhof.

Perry Road Bicycle Tour

Route: Amstetten - Neuhofen - Seitenstetten - Haag - Erla - Wallsee - Amstetten
Length: 110 km

The Perry Road Grand Biycle Tour combines an impressive mix of landscapes: from the Danube riverside forests to the Alpine foothills, with challenging hills to cross crowned by a number of breathtaking panorama views. And time and again views of perry tree espaliers.

There are myriad inviting sights and towns to explore and spend time: the Mostviertel farming museum in Gigerreith near Amstetten, Ostarrichi Kulturhof in Neuhofen, Seitenstetten Abbey, the Lower Austrian open-air museum in Haag or Ardagger Abbey with the oldest figural church window in Austria.

E-biking along the Perry Road

One way to make those hills less daunting is to rent an electric bike on the Perry Road. Several businesses also have e-bike recharging stations available free of charge. They are marked with a corresponding sign. Nearly all the recharging stations are in the gardens of restaurants. That way, cyclists and their cycles can both emerge from a break all set to go again.
E-bike rental along the Perry Road

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